Parish Church Stallhofen

Opposite of the Gasthof one can find the Parish church of Stallhofen which praises a saint called Nikolaus. The church’s history dates back to the 13th century. Its exterior walls are covered with Roman rocks and are genuine treasures for sure. Some footsteps away cemetery and mortuary of the community are both situated. Due to the fact that all of this religious buildings are placed that close to Gasthof Roessl result in the inn’s synonym among the public named „Kirchenwirt“ respectively church in.

Museum of Antiquity & Devilish Folklore Figures

The former farm building of family Roessl now accommodates a museum of antiquities as well as devilish folklore figures. Common synonyms for the latter ones are “Krampus” and “Bartl”. Both museums are truly popular among its visitors ranging from little to elderly ones. The Krampus museum offers a movie room followed by an interesting path through the history of the so called Bartl of Stallhofen. The antiquity museum is directly connected and contains two rooms which offer an amazing insight into the hobby of Mr. Manfred Hausegger. He loves to collect antiquities from former times and wanted to share his passion with strangers too.

Cave of Devilish Folklore Figures

A pretty spooky path is located in between the community’s cemetery and its mortuary. This track directly leads one in front of a cave in the middle of a forest only 3 minutes walking distance of Gasthof Roessl. This fantastic spot comes to life every year in the beginning of December with regards to the traditional parade of Krampus.

Museum of Ambrosi

Gustinus Ambrosi used to be a very famous poet and sculptor. He was known inside and outside of Austria. The museum we are talking about was initially aimed to be he home where he could spend the rest of his life. However, this was not possible because of health issues. Today the building in Tuscany style acts as a museum presenting a majority of Ambrosi’s work on the one side as well as a civil registry office on the other side.

The Community Stallhofen

Along the museum of Ambrosi a narrow way leads down towards the village center of Stallhofen. It only takes a few minutes walking while viewing the lovely landscape of the region. Stallhofen’s center offers some nices essentials such as grocery stores, hair dresser, bank, petrol station, bakery, photo studio and coffee shops.

Home of Lipizzan Horses

A place to relax and definitely falling in love with is the so called “Lipizzanerheimat” which covers a particular region of Western Styria. This area is home to the world famous Lipizzan horses in the village of Piber and further contain the popular wine road dedicated to Styria’s “Schilcher” – a rose wine made out of grapes which only grow in Western Styria. Next to Piber one can even find a huge public spa area comprising various pools, sauna and relaxation zones. Not to forget a visit at the colourful St. Barbara church around the corner which has been designed by famous Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


The Three-Village-Tour is an enjoyable bike trail which passes exactly in front of Gasthof Roessl. Nowadays this trail is especially popular for eBike riders.